Tension Headache

tension headache, acupuncture, nycTension headaches are thought to be caused by stress and contracted muscles around the head and neck area. While this is true to a certain extent, tension headaches are often accompanied with other triggers such as lack of sleep, change in barometric pressure, hormones, and so on. Most people describe tension headaches as feeling like a tight band is wrapped around their head. 

Tension headaches are usually low-level, you may take an OTC medication, although it may be low enough to just deal with it. Many people experience these on a daily basis and it becomes a part of their life. They are not even aware of how many times they're reaching for pain medication on a weekly basis because it's just a part of their routine. 

Tension Headache Treatment

Acupuncture works wonders for tension headaches and almost instantly reduces muscle tightness and tension. As will all other headaches, a thorough exam is needed to uncover the actual cause of headaches based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Cupping therapy, gua sha, or tuina massage will most likely be accompanied with acupuncture treatment as well as stress reducing points and acupuncture points to encourage better sleep.

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