Medicinal Foot Soaks

Medicinal foot soaks, acupuncture, nycMedicinal foot soaks are high quality, pharmaceutical grade herbs from Tibet and China. Foots soaks are purchased in the clinic to be used at home to help speed the healing process. They are cost-effective, convenient, and simple. 

Uses include conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, cold hands/feet (Raynaud's disease), arthritis pain, headaches, and anxiety.

Herbs included are hong hua, hong jing tian, du yi wei, ku shen, qiang huo, zang chang pu, shen jiang, ai ye.

The herbs act synergistically to improve blood circulation. The action and temperature of the herbs will help the heart to pump faster - similar to going for a brick walk. This increase in circulation will help bring fresh blood to injured areas, which brings oxygen and nutrients to help with the healing process. 

There are several contraindications for the usage of foot soaks. A comprehensive intake exam is needed for purchasing.  

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