Headache Definition

A headache is any type of pain located in the head. Pain can felt behind the eyes, in the back of the head, sinus areas, jaw and ear, on the top of the head; and headache can be felt on the right side or left of the head. It can also affect the entire head. Headaches can cause neck stiffness and a disturbance of the vision; it can also disrupt your mood and affect your sleep.

What causes headaches?

headache treatment, acupuncture, nycThere are many theories as to why headaches are caused. Every person has the same mechanism for headaches, some people have more triggers than others and some have lower thresholds causing the inability to control headaches. The hypothalamus is thought to be one of the main control centers for headaches and is actually one of the major control centers for the brain and entire body. It has a major role with sleep-wake cycles, hunger, hormones, and our involuntary nervous system. 

The hypothalamus is slightly little different from other structures in the brain' it lacks the normal blood brain barrier causing greater absorption of substances circulating in the bloodstream. Because of this, certain chemicals and other sensory mechanisms such as light and odors can reach the hypothalamus fairly easy. An overload of such can eventually cause headaches in some people. 

Lack of sleep can cause headaches and even too much sleep' changes in barometric pressure. Hunger, certain foods, certain odors, stress, and hormones can all cause headaches. Another factor to consider is genetics; most people who experience chronic headaches also has a mother or aunt that experiences them as well.

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