Are allergies causing your sad mood?

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Allergies are definitely annoying; itchy eyes, sneezing, and a dripping nose can continue for several months. Add in medication to combat those symptoms and now you have drowsiness mixed with the inability to think clearly. 

So how this related to having a sad mood? Studies show allergies are not just annoying but they actually have a real link to our mood. According to a recent article published on there is about a 50% increase in the risk for depression in a person suffering from allergies. Furthermore, if you've actually gone to see an allergist, the association between allergies and depression is triple.

Now, this doesn't mean allergies cause depression. It means people who already suffer from mild depression can have increased depressive symptoms if they suffer from allergies. 

When we have allergic reactions, the immune system releases molecules called cytokines. These molecules signal the brain and in return the body starts to feel a sudden sick sensation along with systemic drainage of energy, fatigue and mood changes. 

A sad mood during allergy season could also be caused by medication such as antihistamines. Side effects of antihistamines include lethargy, grogginess, irritability, and insomnia which will inadvertently lead to decreased work or school performance. 

There's two convenient ways to deal with this problem

1. Start taking 1 tablespoon of raw honey daily, this helps to combat allergies naturally. 

2. Utilize acupuncture services. Not only will acupuncture help to decrease your allergy symptoms but it will also help to elevate your mood and improve your energy. In a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine researchers examined over 400 people. Those who received acupuncture with the use of antihistamines showed a greater improvement in allergy symptoms and ended up using less antihistamines.

A series of 12 treatments were required to see a significant improvement, but it works!

If you are ready to approach your allergies and stop your sad mood in its track, come on in for Acupuncture. For an appointment, click here