Sinus Headaches and Acupuncture

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Are you suffering from a sinus headache or could your headache be the result of a lingering cold?

You had a cold 10 months ago that you will never forget. You can't forget it because it was one of the most severe colds you've had in a long time, your body just wouldn't recover fast enough. During the time you had the cold, there was the usual fatigue, coughing with phlegm, and body aches. But you also noticed an unusual headache. If felt like a damp towel wrapped around your head, your head felt enormous, heavy and full.

After a week, your headache and cold was gone.

Fast forward a few months later, you get a cold again, but this time it was not as severe. You recovered quickly. Out of all symptoms, you noticed you had the same type of headache again. You felt the full heavy towel wrapped around your head sensation. 

A month passes and you're starting to feel sick again, but the only symptom you're having is a headache.

Several more weeks go by and again, you're getting this same annoying headache. Now you're wondering what the heck is going on...this is not you, you are healthy, you eat well. What is happening?

You probably decided to see a doctor in which a prescription was given for a diagnosis of having sinus headaches. You may have taken it thinking it would work indefinitely, but once again you are getting headaches.

Chinese and Western medicine are both able to help with symptoms. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM has been around for over 2,000 years.

In TCM, your history is very important. With further examination and observation, you will probably have a diagnosis that consists of having a lingering external pathogen blocking the upper jiao and orifices of the head. Furthermore, damp/phlegm would probably be the primary culprit that has to be removed before strengthening your body and increasing immunity. 

With further interview and examination, the level in which the pathogen remains will have to be distinguished and well as other factors that may inhibit the body from healing well. Recommendations outside of acupuncture treatments will be given; those could be anything from changing eating habits to wearing a hat for head coverage. 

With several treatments, you are starting to have more energy, you're sleeping better. You are on a good routine. With regular acupuncture treatments, you've noticed you haven't gotten a cold and those awful headaches are now behind you. You're liking worked!

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