How to Deal With Holiday Stress

Acupuncture and holiday stress, Upper west side, manhattan, NYC

Let's face it, every year we all go through the same thing. We either dread the holidays or we rejoice in the season. For some, the holiday is one of the best times of the year, but many people experience a level of stress that is like no other. For those individuals, here's a few things you can do to have an enjoyable holiday season.

First thing you should do is embrace that this time of the year makes you stressed and understand that it is okay to have those emotions. Once you're in tune with how you feel, you will be able to combat the situation with a clear mind. 

Secondly, learn to say no to people. You have to love yourself first before you can love other people and you have to prioritize yourself first before you can do so with others. If you have small children, that is different...

Third, turn off your television, play music you enjoy and dance! Dance in your kitchen while cooking, dance in your living room while cleaning, dance in your bedroom while dressing. Or just dance while doing nothing else!

Fourth, buy yourself a gift. The season is about giving to others, but sometimes you just want to buy something for yourself. Buy new perfume, or soft and warm socks, or satin pajamas. Buy yourself something that makes you feel good.

Fifth, hug someone. No, really hug them! I love when people give real hugs, it's different and it lets the person know that you are really aware of their presence. 

Last but not least. Get Acupuncture! It'll give you a sense of peace while enduring all of your stress. 

Happy Holidays!