Treating back pain with acupuncture

Low Back Pain, Acupuncture, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

We can write down a random list for the causes of low back pain and can probably come up with at least 10-20 conditions. With that being said most people suffering from low back pain have a diagnosis of herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, etc. Other common causes for women may be associated with childbirth, menstrual cycle pain, or even something like yoga. When you've been in pain, either on and off or constant, for more than 3 weeks, it's time to seek help.

Many people are frustrated with the lack of treatment provided by their medical doctor for pain in general; realistically speaking, there are only a few options. Once imaging is completed to determine the cause, a prescription for a muscle relaxant and pain relievers are the ultimate treatments. Sure, taking prescription drugs are viable options for short-term relief, but there will be a time when they stop working. It will happen.

When you seek an acupuncturist for your low back pain, you will be asked several important questions. For instance, we'd like to know when the pain started, what makes the pain worse, what makes the pain better, what kind of sensations you're feeling, and if the pain is more severe during a certain time such 11:00 pm when you're trying to sleep. We'd also like to know if the pain is waking you up at night and how the pain is affected your quality of life. 

Treatment plans for low back pain generally consists of receiving acupuncture for a minimum of two times per week. Each treatment is like a building-block for the next treatment so that overtime they have an accumulating affect on the body. You're probably thinking it'll take too much time, but just imaging the long-term benefits! Your body will gradually start to heal and you'll be doing it a favor by avoiding pain medications that can cause all sorts of side-effects.

If you have low back pain, it's important seek treatment as soon as possible! The body is able to heal faster when treatment is started early. If you have questions about your condition, call (646) 854-6619 to schedule an appointment.