How to Stay Healthy During Fall & Winter

How to Stay Healthy, Acupuncture in Harlem

When seasons change, we often ignore taking care of our body until we’re not feeling like ourselves. Here’s a few tips to get yourself ready for fall so that when spring comes around again, you will not have to play ‘catch up’ with your health!

1) Drink plenty of water…
This is the time of the year when the air starts to get dry. One of the best and effortless things you can do is to drink more water. If you’d like to increase the excitement of water, add lemon, lime, or fresh mint leaves! Not only does it give it a great taste, it also jump-starts the digestive system. Plus it gives you added vitamin C. 

2) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…
Your skin can take a big hit if you fail to moisturize properly. Some of the best skin quenchers are those that are paraben free! Parabens are additives put into products for prolonged shelf life; once in the blood stream, it can act just like estrogen. Try products such as Nature’s Gate and Jason or if you have the time create your own product using something as simple as shea butter or coco butter. Apply just out of the shower on moist skin for better absorption.

3) Cover your skin…
One of the fastest ways to catch is cold is by failing to keep yourself covered up during those semi-chilly days. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pathogens enter the body mainly through an exposed neck line. Fall is the perfect season to pull out your fashion scarfs. Not only are they cute and can accessorize just about any outfit, it can also help keep your neck covered to avoid catching a cold.

4) Have a spa day…
End of summer blues may have you feeling down. The sun doesn’t come out as often and the days are getting shorter. Make sure you stay with a smile on your face no matter what! If you find yourself needing pick-me-up, what better way than to have a spa day! Invite your friends and indulge in something that will have you feeling better in no time. But, don’t just go to any spa, make sure they have hot tea waiting for you upon entering, make sure the aroma satisfies your senses, and make sure the staff are as pleasant as the sun you long for.

5) Get Acupuncture...
Acupuncture is great for fighting seasonal allergies, combating common cold symptoms, and strengthening your body to avoid getting sick! If you have not incorporated Acupuncture into your health regimen, start now, delaying it will only prolong the process of becoming healthy the natural way.

There you have it! Please share with others!

Until next time...Happy, Healthy Living!

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