4 Surprising Benefits About Acupuncture!

by Linyana Gipson

Surprising benefits of acupuncture

When talking to people about Acupuncture, I always seem to think everyone is just as familiar as I am about this medicine. I'm not talking about intricate details such as the function of certain Acupuncture points or how meridians travel through the body. I'm talking about the simple things like an Acupuncturists education and how relaxing Acupuncture really is.

As a result of my "ah ha" moment, I'd like to let you in on a few surprising details about Acupuncture you probably didn't know!

1) Acupuncturists go to school for a really long time!

Seeing an Acupuncturist means you'll be speaking with a highly educated individual who has earned a Master or Doctoral Degree. When speaking about earning a Master Degree in Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine, it is not a one to two year program. It is typically a four year program (year round, no summer breaks). The program consists of Western Medicine classes, Eastern Medicine classes, Herbal Medicine classes, and an Internship/Residency. If you add that up, its takes 8 years to become an Acupuncturist! It is not a certificate like becoming a Massage Therapist or Reiki Practitioner. I do love massage and reiki though!

Upon completing the program, new graduates must pass National Board Exams and become licensed by the state they wish to practice in. Most states have practicing regulations for Acupuncture but some do not. As with other medical professionals, Acupuncturist must also maintain Continuing Education requirements.

2) Acupuncture is super relaxing!

When you receive Acupuncture, no matter the condition, the outcome will always include a relaxed state of mind. More and more people are seeking Acupuncture as a way to cope with life; they request Acupuncture the same way they would a massage. I have been to many massage therapists but Acupuncture is the only form of therapy that can totally relax me! 

Needle insertion allows endorphins (a "feel good" hormone) to be released and flow throughout your body. As a result, you automatically start to feel a sense of euphoria. Anyone who suffers from chronic depression and anxiety would certainly benefit from Acupuncture!

3) Acupuncture is so much more that just "Acupuncture"!

We have so many different ways we can treat the body! Most people only know of Acupuncture but there's also Cupping, Herbal Medicine, Tui Na massage, Blood Letting, Moxa, Gua Sha, and Nutritional Counseling. When seeking Acupuncture for your health, it is best to be open-minded to receive full benefits in order for your body to heal properly (and faster). Let your Acupuncturist know you are open to other forms of treatment in conjunction with acupuncture. Don't be nervous about trying new things, life is about experiencing everything the universe brings toward you. Remember, you are in good hands.

4) Acupuncture carries your body through a journey of healing!

One of the main questions people have is how long it will take them to get better. The first thing that comes to mind is to ask how long it takes to get sick! Most people who see Acupuncturists suffer from chronic conditions. Chronic means 3 consecutive months or more. Many people suffer for years! Acupuncture is not magical, one treatment will not be effective against a condition that has affected you for months or years!

When I say a Journey of Healing, it is actually a journey. Your body will go through noticeable changes; at one point your body may refuse to get better by suddenly becoming "sick" again. This does not mean Acupuncture is not working, it means your body is not well enough to stand on its own yet.

The end of the journey begins when your treatments become less frequent and sustainable with maintenance care. This is the point where you tell everyone how awesome Acupuncture is and what it has done for you!

Hope you learned something new! Please pass this along and if you have questions, contact via text, email or phone at 646-854-6619.

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