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I help women in NYC maintain their mental and physical health so that they're more productive in their careers and are able to enjoy life outside of work. This is achieved with a powerful medicine called Acupuncture. It's natural, safe, and super easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

My belief and experience is that each and every person can heal naturally - our body wants to be healthy, pain free and full of life! With the correct number of treatments and lifestyle adjustments, the body can heal itself of almost any non-life threatening condition. 

Here, the setting is a medical practice located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan; it has a clean and crisp decor with a spa-like atmosphere making you feel comfortable and at ease the moment you walk in. Each patient receives one-on-one attention before, during, and after treatment to get the best outcome possible. 

Once your care is complete, you will leave feeling relaxed and invigorated while your body continues the process of healing after your acupuncture experience.

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A Special Message for Women

Acupuncture | Upper West Side | Manhattan | NYC

This is a healing oasis created especially for you. Here, you will be encouraged to express, release, and heal. Your time spent here is for you and only you; not your boss, employees, coworkers, children, husband, or other relationships surrounding your life.

No matter what condition you're being treated for, you will be asked to release all stressors and responsibilities so you can focus on yourself - one hundred percent. Consider this your "me time" during your Acupuncture experience. Continue Reading >

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Acupuncture, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

"I had heard about Acupuncture, but was a bit hesitant to try it, due to a fear of needles. The moment I walked into Linyana's office, and met her, I felt at ease. The office is clean, a well appointed, calming space, with relaxing music. Linyana is very warm and compassionate, and she spends quality time asking and answering questions. The acupuncture treatments are working. I am very impressed. Thank you Linyana!" P.S.

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Acupuncture, Natural Medicine, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

Acupuncture Upper West Side, NYC
107 W 82nd St, Ste 108
New York, NY 10024
(Btwn Columbus & Amsterdam)

Located in office with
Ahmet Altiner, MD

Phone (646) 854-6619

Mon-Sun 8am to 8pm
By Appointment Only

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  Acupuncture Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC  Acupuncture Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC  Acupuncture Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC Acupuncture Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC