Welcome to Linyana’s Acupuncture

New York City life can be stressful, but finding the right acupuncture clinic doesn’t have to be. At Linyana’s Acupuncture, patients receive gentle, effective and personalized treatments to achieve optimal health and wellness in a warm and friendly environment.

We specialize in chronic pain, anxiety, and fertility using acupuncture, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and lifestyle changes. Our office is conveniently located in Columbus Circle with easy access from Upper West Side, Lincoln Square, Midtown and other Manhattan neighborhoods. For your convenience we offer early morning, late evening, weekend and appointments to suit your schedule. Too busy to come to Columbus Circle? No problem, we also offer house calls and office treatments throughout Manhattan.

Linyana’s mission is to provide relief and restore health to fierce and modern women of New York City. Ultimately, your acupuncture treatments will rejuvenate your body, renew your confidence and provide you with the ability of living life again.

What sets us apart

  • Convenient Columbus Circle location
  • Early morning, late evening appointments
  • Open Saturday & Sunday
  • House calls / Office calls
  • No wait policy
  • One-on-One individualized care
  • Caring and knowledgeable Acupuncturist
  • Friendly environment

Acupuncture Interview

New to acupuncture? Take a few minutes to watch this video, it answers the most common questions about acupuncture such as surprising conditions treated, a description of how acupuncture feels when being treated and the type of needles used. It will also give you a chance to meet Linyana before your scheduled appointment. Please note, the contact information on the video is a former clinic ran by Linyana.

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“The Top 10 Reasons to Try Acupuncture”

The Shen Mind Connection

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at things differently and while it may be a little confusing, there is usually some common ground that can be found upon examination and explanation. One such area is the idea of the mind. The mind in Traditional Chinese Medicine is commonly referred to as the shen.

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Physical Aspects Related to The Lungs

In the world of Traditional Chinese medicine, the lung is probably the organ whose TCM functions overlap the most with its Western functions. Respiration, the immune system and the skin are all systems heavily influenced by the lung, both in acupuncture and in Western medicine.

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Mental and Emotional Aspects of the Lungs

As an acupuncturist, I am constantly assessing. Before my patients answer a single question, I am taking in cues as to what types of imbalances might be going on. In five-element acupuncture, the five major organ systems are the kidney, liver, lung, heart and spleen. When any of these systems are out of balance, certain physical, mental and

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